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Making money from your Web site can be a difficult challenge. You write good articles and you link to great ads from all sorts of sources that you know your readers would love to buy from. Yet you make no money. What could possibly be wrong? Here are a few tips that just may turn your money making non-existence around. Remember, you have to sign up with the <a href=" var infolink_pid = 289147; var infolink_wsid = 0; ” title=”infolinkks”>affiliate program and use their links if you want to make money.

1. White Space – If you have a large chunk of space on your Web page that is blank your readers will wonder what is wrong with the page. They’ll think your coding is wrong or you forgot something or your pictures didn’t come in and left a big blank space. Either way, if makes for a bad user experience.

Imagine you were reading your favorite magazine. The text and pictures stopped halfway down the page and the rest of the page was left blank, white. What would you think?

You need to fill in this space at all costs. You can do this with more words of course. You can add a picture or other form of graphics. Or, you can use an ad.

When using an ad to fill in white space you don’t want it to look to much like all you want to do is sell something. Make it match the rest of the page and look like it belongs there. You can do this by using an ad that is a picture or piece of artwork or something else that is related to the article itself.

2. Ads As Pictures – There are a few affiliates that are great for using pictures as ads. One is Amazon and the other is AllPosters.

You’re writing an article about your trip to the ocean with your kids. Why not decorate the page with a picture of the ocean? You can do this and possibly make money from it too. Just choose a picture from the AllPosters affiliate site and add it to the page.

If you are writing about your son’s favorite toy, link to the toy over on the side of the page using your Amazon affiliate number. You can also add the picture type ad to the article itself so the reader of the page will know exactly which toy you are talking about at the time they are reading about it.

3. Product Reviews – Did you read a book or buy something that you really liked? Write about it. Write about what you liked about the book or other item and link to one of your affiliate ads promoting it. Did your son just buy a new baseball mit and he really likes it? While you are writing about your son using the mit for the first time at his baseball game, link to the mit on Amazon from the article. This way if people reading your article want to buy the mit they’ll know where to get it and you’ll make money off it at the same time.

Tell your readers what you liked about the latest book you read. Explain to them how it made you feel or what you learned from it. Then link to the ad for that book.

4. Google Search – Put a search box on your site. Not only will your readers be able to search your site to find what they need but they will also be able to search the Net. You can do this and make money at the same time. Google offers a search box that pays. Sign up with Google Adsense and add the code for the search box to the top of all your pages. Then when someone needs to do a search you just may make some money.

5. Related Products – If you are writing about a book, or other item, you like also link to related items. Make a column under the article where you wrote about the item you liked, or to the side of the article, where you link to books that are similar to the items you are writing about.

Let’s say you wrote about a science fiction book you read. At the bottom of the article, or over to the side, link to that book along with similar science fiction books that you liked. Make sure you use your affiliate links and when people buy any of those books you will make money.

6. Includes – Includes are a simple piece of HTML code that you can use on your Web pages to place ads, menus, pictures or just about anything you want. Includes won’t make you money, but they can help you manage your ads. Place a little piece of code on your Web page where you want the ad to show. The ad links to where the real code lives. The code for your ad will be in a small file with just the code for your ad.

I use this all the time in my personal Web sites. I place the same ad on many pages. Then whenever an ad has lost it’s usefulness or becomes outdated I can change them all at the same time by just changing the code inside that small file, called an include.


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Google Adsense earnings can not be manipulated the way a publisher need it. Only the tricky webmasters who can play well with ideas on how to get targeted traffic to their website, can see an increase in the adsense earnings. With careful handling, Google Adsense can be a very effective tool to generate revenue from a webpage. However, attention to some minor details is necessary to ensure it serves the purpose.

1) Increase flow of traffic – Like any other online venture the best way to ensure revenue is to find a way to make the webpage seen by people. More the number of people clicks on the advertisements or visits the links the higher are one’s Adsense earnings. So ensuring the webpage is popular and much viewed is necessary and the most relevant point.

2) Planning the layout – A little carefully planned layout can help to generate more revenues. Google Adsense allows three advertisement sections in every page with four advertisements in each of the sections individually. The amount of revenue that an advert generates is determined by its place in the page. For example the company whose advertisement comes at the top most section among them the one taking the left most position pays the highest. The rate drops significantly as it is placed lower down the sections. So a carefully thought out layout that does not cram up adverts in a single page but spreads them over a number of pages can help increase the earning by effectively placing more advertisements in the higher paying sections. The same number of ads laid out properly earns more revenue. Hence a ploy like displaying two instead of three sections per page and ensuring they are spread in a viewable manner around the content increases the chance of revenue by far.
3) Blending it in – if one can blend the ad in as a part of the content it can generate a higher click through ratios. For this the back ground colors of the ads have to be the same as the back ground color of the surrounding part of the page and the color of the text which is the title for the ad matches the color of the other hyperlinks in the page. Such meticulous formatting can effectively get more people to view the ad and hence generate higher income.

4) Selecting higher paying keywords – a lot of Adsense publishers focuses their content to incorporate higher paying keywords. Normally a keyword earns only a few cents per click. It is possible however to key ones that will generate 20 to 30 times over. But the relevant topics are relatively rare and highly competitive. A lot of advertisers avoid placing these kinds of bids and keep them reserved mostly for search networks. This however does not imply a change in the overall niche but it is rather about selecting more profitable keywords within the same one.

5) Adding more good quality content – If the content in a page is useful and the ads placed are relevant to the topic of the content then there is a higher chance of getting more clicks on them b the visitors. These easy to incorporate methods can help to significantly increase the earnings from Adsense.


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Using your website is an essential tool for finding more clients online. You site is an indispensable tool for connecting with you clients. So if you want to have more time more freedom and more clients let?s get started by learning these

A weekly ezine is a great way to brand your business in the mind of the client. It doesn?t have to be hard or complicated. By providing ongoing quality information your clients will know more about you, your style and what you have to offer. The ezine is not a place for your next pitchfest. In fact, your primary job is to show appreciation to your clients for signing up for your list. The primary purpose is to provide content rich information to your clients. Information that they will want to read more then once with tips they can use today. Offering a new product or service can be shared in your ezine to let the folks on your list that you have something new. Make it easy for them to check out your product or service by placing active links in the ezine.

Use your blog to have a conversation with your clients. Ask them what topics they are interested in. Blog about those topics and invite comments. If your blog includes several tips ask them to give their best tip. This creates an atmosphere of connection and communication.

Don?t be afraid of controversial headlines. A headline that is a little different then most people think about a subject or topic will peak interest and start conversation. For instance if your blog about weigh lost a great title might be ?what?s the number one food you should eat every week? Anyone interested in this topic will be extremely curious about that tip.
Show them who you really are. First, don?t try to be something or someone you are not. People want to connect with you ?warts and all.? They are not looking for perfection. Those that fall away and don?t want to be part of your tribe that?s ok. Let them find a tribe the can connect with. After all it is our differences that make each of us unique.

Go where your clients are instead of waiting for them to find you. Putting all kinds of bells and whistles on your site won?t do you a bit of good while you sitting around waiting for your clients to find you. So be a little creative and go out and find them. Where do they hang out? If you have a great product or service most people would hire you if they knew who you were and that you had the solution to their problem. They may not be looking specifically for you but they are looking for your solution. Forums, facebook, and linkined groups are a great places to find your ideal clients

You have the solution so give your ideal clients what they want. You are in the business of solving problems.


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Let’s discuss local business email marketing in simple terms. It is not difficult and any small business owner can quickly get started following these five steps.

1. You need an autoresponder and for that I suggest Aweber. They are one of the most popular online auto responders.

The service runs around $20 a month and let you follow up with thousands of names and email addresses. It’s very easy to get started with and they offer training on how to use their system.

2. When using an autoresponder you want to build a sign up form and then place the code on every web page you have. If you are promoting your local business properly you will have website visitors coming to your site on pages other than just your home page.

For this reason placing your sign up form on every page gives you a chance to build your mailing list faster. Doing this will help you increase your business as you can follow up with people over a period of time.

3. Offer something free such as a report that gives him valuable information relating to the niche your business is in. This is what will encourage visitors to your website to subscribe to your mailing list. This does not have to be anything real long, but it should include unique information that would make your website visitor want to read it.

4. Set up a few follow up messages in your autoresponder in advance. These only need to be around 200 words in length and should offer helpful information or something your reader would find interesting.

The advantage of having them prewritten is you can schedule them to go out via email in advance and then forget about them. This automates your email marketing campaign and makes following up with new subscribers very easy.

5. Consider publishing a tips newsletter and send it out on a monthly basis. This is an excellent way to maintain contact with your email subscribers and keep your name in front of them. This is also a good way to sell new products as you can promote things directly in the body of your email newsletter.

These are a few of the basics that will help you do local business email marketing more effectively. Placing a sign up form on your web pages when building your list will give you a tremendous competitive advantage in the marketplace as most of your competitors are not doing this.


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For example, you sign up with an online educational company that offers ongoing training. Students who sign on with this company pay a monthly fee. You earn a residual income each time the fees are paid for each student you sign up. The educational company receives new students, and you receive ongoing commissions. It’s a win-win situation for both!

Another example of a residual income is when you sell Internet-related services that require a monthly or yearly payment, such as web hosting, domain name registration

, Internet marketing services or custom web design services. These are only a few examples, but the Internet offers many “work from home” opportunities such as these where you can earn money month after month, year after year.

Finding the Right Home Business Solution

Now that you realize the potential of earning a residual income, it’s time to find the right home business solution for you. Consider the amount of time, effort and money you’ll be able to invest in your new home business

. How much time can you dedicate to work from home? Do you work a full-time job right now? Are you on a very tight budget?
A home business

will not build itself, but there are companies that will help you build your home business and even provide a website with all the resources you need. Some will even “make the sale” for you. The only drawback is that many of these home business solutions require a monetary investment. So, be sure it’s the right business for you before investing.

Use Web Resources for Research

Thankfully, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips with the Internet. You can take your time and research “work from home” opportunities right from your own home any time of the day.

Find a reputable home business directory

to search out profitable “work from home” solutions. There are directory websites that take special time and care to list only legitimate home business solutions so you won’t have to sift through the good and the bad, and take unnecessary risks. Using a dependable directory will protect you from scams and keep your investment safe.

Warning: You should never sign on with a company and invest your money unless you’ve checked out the company and its background and history thoroughly. Be sure that you are dealing with a well-established company beforehand.

More Ideas for Earning a Residual Income

Here are some other possible home business solutions for earning a residual income. Choose a home business that you’ll enjoy, and don’t be afraid to try several at once. You might be surprised at the type of businesses that are successful online!

* MLM business.
* Internet marketing groups.
* Niche business start-ups.
* Working mom groups.
* Providing clerical services for others.
* Freelancing (writers, web designers, programmers

, graphic designers, and so forth).
* Selling e-books on a variety of subjects.

Once you select one or a few of these ideas, evaluate the potential and your ability to achieve each one. Determine if these will fit in with your time and budget. Find others in the same fields and ask for pointers on getting started. Other successful business owners are usually very happy to help. Also, research through the search engines to find out how much income others are earning with the same or similar businesses. Once you’ve done research, it’s time to get started.

There are many opportunities for the stay-home mom or the dad who would like to be home with the family too! The home business solutions listed above can be applied to a variety of skills and talents you may possess. Unlock your earning potential today!